Today marked my first trip to La Musée des Beaux Arts in Montreal. And what a treat to see an exhibit by the great Dale Chihuly! I am under the impression his wife makes quite a hot sauce, too!

Peluches by Charles Cormier
3,000 stuffed animals, plus one.

I received a luxurious bar of soap and plush socks in the post today!

Glorious beasts by my favourite street artist, ROA.

Always a festival here in Montréal! This weekend, they celebrate the great American scholar, author and actor, James Franco.

Oh my, Québécois mushrooms are extraordinarily potent!

The next time you find yourself in Mile End, slide up to the counter at Wilensky’s and enjoy a bologna sandwich at this classic establishment. Why wouldn’t you trust rave reviews from Anthony Bourdain and a little bear?

A view of my favourite neighborhood park in the afternoon. On warm evenings, locals flock here in droves with portable BBQs, Frisbees and copious amounts of libations.  If I read the signs correctly, apparently one may freely enjoy spirits at the park, provided said beverages are accompanied by a full meal. Cheers to that!

I purchased an Indie Coffee Passport at Lapin Pressé this weekend and have been delightfully jittery ever since! Take that, evil corporate joes!

Exactly one year ago, I toasted my favourite couple on their wedding day. Cheers!

Ganesh Versus The Third Reich.

All dogs may go to Heaven, but only one bear goes to church.

My French is rusty, but context informs me that I shan’t be surprised when I bump into opera singers, a bagpipe band or a tango troupe at this fine establishment.